We make sure you're kept safe here at JetSurf Academy ATX

Your safety is our number one concern at JetSurf Academy ATX. Each new rider, whether your’re a total beginner or pro surfer Laird Hamilton, you are sent video instructions once booking an appointment is complete.

Safety measures that JetSurf Academy ATX employ to protect each rider:

  • Activating the board
  • Starting the board
  • Riding the board
  • Turning
  • Standing Up
  • Deep Water Launch
  • Safely Dismount the Board
  • How to Wipeout, it’s gonna happen 🙂
  • And other Tip’s and Tricks to riding

During your riding experience with us here at JetSurf Academy ATX you will be tagged by one of our professional trainers on a JetSki. This is to provide you with oversight from an experienced rider who can provide you with in the water tips and tricks. Facilitate immediate action should the board malfunction (i.e. run out of gas, air hose gets pinched) or tow the rider in if the board needs to be pulled out of the water for repair, because no one wants to have to swim a long distance. All trainers undergo Lifeguard training, EMT training, First Aid training and are CPR/AED certified for your safety and protection.


Each new rider will be required to demonstrate 5 key safety and rider instructions provided in videos once arriving on site, before getting in the water. We strongly suggest you watch and pay attention to the videos as this can cut into your ride time if we must go over safety instructions at length.