Pink Plus is our number one seller! Comes in a 32 oz spray bottle

Clean, Protect and Shine in one easy application

All you need to know

PINK PLUS – Fresh Water Spot Remover PLUS Shine – 32 oz spray bottle

Pink Plus Protects and Cleans in one application making  your Ski, Boat, JetSurf Board cleaning a breeze

  • Eliminates Fresh Hard Water Deposits
  • Leaves behind a High Gloss Shine
  • Just Waxed Finish
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Non-Toxic
  • Biodegrable


Easy application, just spray on & wipe off

Whenever you pull your Boat, Jet Ski, or any other water toy out of the water just spray on and wipe off to prevent any hard water deposits from forming and keep your watercraft looking like it just came off the showroom floor.