DRI-WASH by JetRenu

  • Protects against harmful UV Rays
  • Leaves behind a high gloss shine
  • Removes Dirt and Grime without using water
  • Environmentally Friendly

All you need to know

DRI-WASH by Jet Renu – 12 oz. Spray Can 

Ever need to clean your bike, jet ski, motorcycle or pretty much anything without using  water?

We do all the time and our preferred method is using Jet Renu’s DRI-WASH. It eliminates the use of water which is great especially if you dont have immediate access to clean running water, like if you were on the lake.

Just imagine that you’re heading to Sturgis on your motorcycle (road trip!) and when you get there you want to make sure that your bike is looking awesome right? Well pack a can of this and when you get there you’ll be able to make your bike look brand new without getting a single drop of water on your bike! Dri Wash not only works great to clean most surfaces without the use of water but it also leaves behind a protective coating and brilliant shine.

That’s why DRI-WASH is one of Jet Renu’s must have products!

Did we mention that is also protects against harmful UV Rays?

Dri Wash quickly and effectively removes dirt and grime from any surface by lifting away the contaminates with its
powerful foaming action.

Environmentally friendly so you can use it anywhere! And it smells great…


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