The team at MSR combined their skill, experience and expertise to design and develop Jetsurf.

Born from high performance engineering, exact precision and race technology, they have focused their talents to produce a machine unlike any other.

MSR are apart of an exclusive group of manufactures that continue to design and produce the components and parts of their products from the ground up.

JetSurf, the water sport, was born from a need to push the limits of conventional water sports. The original design team behind JetSurf comes from a history of creating award winning designs with MSR racing engines; later transcending that saturated environment in order to devote their focus on the development and design of the best motorized surfboards in the world – the JetSurf board.

From what started out in the humble beginnings in a tiny workshop in the Czech Republic, JetSurf’s team of designers and fabricators have kept at it, and have now grown an audience of riders that continue to propel this dynamic and unique sport into full global production mode. All around the world, JetSurf academy locations and factory shops are emerging, to provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy the coolest water sport on the globe. JetSurf has something to offer everyone, from beginners to pro racing and even ocean wave riding. JetSurf is BORN FOR FUN regardless of your skill level.

The two-stroke engine that is housed inside the JetSurf Boards were specially designed by MSR racing engines. MSR was established in 1994 specifically to design and develop high powered, light weight engines for racing. MSR has been the driving force behind several race winning teams, which include:

KTM – development of Hybrid Two-stroke Motor Drive – K.E.R.S.

RED BULL ROOKIES CUP – design and development of engines for Jakub Kornfeil, cup winning team 2009

FORMULA BMW – development of the K.E.R.S. system

Displacement: 86 cc – 100 cc (2.6 HP – 3.07 HP)
Max speed: 33 MPH (type Ultra Sport); 36 MPH (type Pro Race)
Electronic controller: The Jetsurf is equipped with an automatic electronic control unit with auto start/stop function.
Gasoline: gasoline + oil mix; ratio 1:40
Gasoline consumption: max 1 gallon  / hour
Battery: Li-FePO4 – The battery is not recharged by the engine, there is no accumulator, therefore the driving time without battery recharge is approximately 4 hours.