We are the 1st and only Official JetSurf Academy in the U.S. – JetSurf Academy ATX is committed to being your first as well as your last choice when you and your friends need the highest form of adrenalin-pumping outdoor fun on a Motorized Surfboard!

Whether you visit our headquarters in Austin, or perhaps should we arrive to your private event… the experience will be consistently lead by our top-tier set of instructors; each ready to provide JetSurf riders with the knowledge needed in order to remain safe, not cause any damage to the equipment, and most importantly – to have FUN!

Upon repeat lessons, the staff at JetSurf Academy ATX is poised to provide instruction to those seeking higher skill levels of JetSurfing. We know the lifestyle, and we know that those who seek progression in board sports and watersports, only achieve those strides via proper lessons and quality equipment. We are ready with both and have the enthusiasm to match!

Pricing and bookings are standard and automated, and have been structured to ensure that all first-time riders are given proper ground school and that all return riders are constantly briefed on any and all refresher information regarding safety or new practices.

Our main goal at JetSurf Academy ATX is your positive word of mouth and safety! The watersport of JetSurfing is growing as fast as JetSurf can race across the lake – Come catch the wave!